Henry Voight During A Material Witness, Hank sits in a room still cuffed, before he sits face to face with his new IA contact, Stillwell. Hank later appears at the hospital where he apologizes to Wes for accusing him as the latter accepts it and tells him that he will take good care of his son because he’s the only thing that his son has. It can be seen that he sees her as the daughter he never had after his own was stillborn, something he revealed to Erin years later. Also notable is how he rarely ever wields his gun with both hands, instead opting to use one. He was potrayed by Jason Beghe. Maurice says he has a shipment arriving and needs Voight to run clearance for him. He has also been suspected of being a dirty cop and is constantly being investigated by the CPD's Internal Affairs Division. During Trust, Voight is angry at a criminal shooting his officer and being released. Jason Beghe commented that this initiative was due to laziness, but later kept at it so as to build into Voight's tough nature. He is later revealed to be a cop that follows his own code of justice to protect his city. Voight distinctly uses a 9mm SIG-Sauer P229R pistol as his service weapon. However, Hank states he will go to MED for his injury. At the precinct, he is intent on solving the matter before a break comes through when one of the men turns himself saying he is Ian Marks. Working alongside Dawson and Detective Erin Lindsay, Voight uses firefighter Joe Cruz's brother, Leon, who had former ties to the gang, as part of a sting. The series started in 2014 and its production team included Dick Wolf, known for creating and producing Law and Order. During his deal with I.A., Hank out right refused to dig up dirt on other cops making that his only condition. ), he is part of an operation to bring down heavy hitters in the Chicago crime world. Chicago Police Department A la tête de l’unité des renseignements du district 21 de Chicago, le sergent Hank Voight ne craint pas de franchir les limites de la légalité et de l’éthique. He also says that he chose to help people in need after he is questioned on why he does so. Sarge Boss He is later informed by Roman and Kim that the baby survived and was being tended to. Detectives. Much later, Voight drives to a secret meet-up with gang leader Maurice. Seasons The Chicago Police Department (CPD), is the principal law enforcement agency of Chicago, Illinois, in the United States, under the jurisdiction of the Mayor of Chicago. After getting permission from his commander, Voight tells the man of his daughter and cuffs him while bringing him to her. 3.9k. Il est prêt à TOUT pour traduire les criminels en justice. With help from Alvin, Voight kidnaps Trayzell and beats him until he agrees to release the young boy. Alive and becoming Sergeant of Intelligence in the Chicago P.D. Hank managed to get the scene cleared up and avoided his son getting investigated. Intelligence Unit, on the NBC drama "Chicago P.D." Turns out Powell knocked off Watts because Watts screwed up the bomb timing - it was supposed to detonate at 8:30 PM. This was seen when he apologized to a man that he accused of killing his family in Disco Bob and when he assured two teenagers who were accused of murder that he will find the culprit responsible in Sanctuary. After the case, he was disappointed to see a criminal he put away being released. Ses méthodes lui valent d’être dans le collimateur de ses supérieurs et des affaires internes. He later speaks with Antonio at the bar in the man asked to be placed in intelligence once more. Chicago PD Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. However, this is because he follows his own code of justice. Voight began working with Dawson and Detective Julie "Jules" Willhite to investigate a series of murders relating to pharmacy nurses. In The Price We Pay, Justin tries to explain himself but is too shaken from the event. Sergeant Hank Voight is the leader of the Chicago Police Department, which tends to make quick decisions no matter what the cost, especially with the vehicles he has owned during the 8 seasons of the show. Hank also meets New York Detectives Odafin Tutuola and Amanda Rollins who help with a connected rape and murder case. Trudy is a fellow officer at the precinct and a good friend. However, Lukasz realizes he has been played Lucas tells Ian to go ahead of him before shooting him in the head and taking his bag. On some occasions, his generosity ends up being the cause of their undoing and death, and grief to Voight. See more ideas about hank voight, jason beghe, chicago pd. Voight has appeared in every episode of the series. Based on the crime scene and the time of the crime, Voight makes an astute observation - someone's impersonating Jimmy's team. Dawson soon showed his abilities to ranking officers and was quickly assigned to the VICE unit and worked wit… Le sergent Hank Voight (Jason Beghe) et sa tolérance zéro contre la criminalité sont le thème central de Chicago Police Department cœur. Voight was once offered position of Lieutenant, but turned down the promotion, citing things being easier at his rank of Sergeant. 'Chicago PD' Season 8 Premiere Preview: Reform is on the cards as Voight and Atwater take center stage . A história se passa no distrito 21 da Chicago Police Department ... Kane) se demitir do departamento de polícia, após uma ocorrência envolvendo a morte de uma policial. Hank Voight, leader of the Chicago P.D. He is the successor of Brian Kelton, who was found murdered at the end of 06X23 - Reckoning and appears in the opening scene of 07X0q - Doubt on the crime scene of Kelton's murder. later released Voight from prison and promoted him to Sergeant of the Intelligence Unit at CPD. However, a list of his recent visitors sparks another lead - and another dead body. Justin is accused after a murder investigation is conducted. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 In Last Minute Resistance, Hank allows Kim and Erin go undercover in a nightclub, to get evidence against the two men they believe had a part in her sisters attack. He then pulled Platt out of the line of fire when she was shot during shootout. Family - HANK VOIGHT - INTELLIGENCE VEST Graphic T-Shirt By emilybraz7 Hank Voight). Justin tells his father not to bring issues because it is his sons special day and Hank agrees with him. He will often take people who really anger him to the Silos where he would either kill or beat them. It is also known that Voight and his friend Alvin Olinsky murdered a man named Browning after he killed Olinsky's partner. Voight tells Maurice to keep his mouth shut. In Debts of the Past, Hank survived the explosion and is relieved to find his family survived, after he listened to his order to get down and they all survived the attack. The unit find Sarah covered in blood, armed with a gun and contemplating suicide. When Al died Hank went out of his way to avenge him and brutally killed the man responsible for arranging his death. However, he is cleared after he turned out to be innocent and shares a hug with his father. Jason Beghe est un acteur américain, né le 12 mars 1960 à New York.. Il est connu pour son rôle dans la série Les Frères McGrail (To Have and to Hold), ainsi que pour son rôle du sergent Hank Voight, dans la série Chicago Police Department He is portrayed by Jason Beghe. With Jason Beghe, Jesse Lee Soffer, Patrick John Flueger, Marina Squerciati. The operation ended with the successful capture of the intended gang lord, but also the deaths of two gang members. Hank Voight is a Sergeant and current chief of the Chicago Police Department Intelligence Unit. He helps her through it. He respects her and goes to her for advice or to talk. Saison 5. Hank truly loves Erin, always wanting what was best for her, keeping her away from bad influences such as her addicted mother. Erin tells the team Kim needs to go to the hospital to get her stomach pumped. At the end of the episode, Kim talks to Voight telling him her big sister needs help and needs time off. Created by Michael Brandt, Derek Haas, Matt Olmstead. Reluctantly, Hank says goodbye to his son and take him off of life support. Afterwards, he is given a sling and finds Antonio watching his children ice skate. Sergeant Henry 'Hank' Voight is the leader of the Chicago Police Department Intelligence Unit. Before he is taken away, Hank stops the officers to tell the man he will one day believe he is lucky to have survived before let him get taken away. Voight taunts Powell on his failure and slugs a smug Powell in the face for good measure before Jay slaps on the cuffs for the wounded man. Hank interrogated Justin's old cellmate who threatens to expose that Justin was involved in a gang hit. Voight's ruthless methods caused friction with Lieutenant Matthew Casey, a firefighter with CFD. He starts to lose trust Adam for doing the dirty work of Woods after he was blackmailed into doing so. Internal Affairs (I.A.) Jason Crawford is the Interim Superintendent of the Chicago Police Department. During Now Is Always Temporary, Hank goes out to dinner with his son and Lindsay, where Justin entertains them with stories. In An Honest Woman, Hank helps her and later she is kidnapped along with Hank by a man named Ian (who is later killed) and his partner in a Chicago PD episode. Detective Sergeant Commanding Officer of the Intelligence Unit After Kim has alerted the watching team to rush in. However, due to his affiliation with Internal Affairs (I.A. As Maurice hands protection money over to Voight, patrol cars suddenly surround the area. Jason Beghe stars as Sgt. Denny also tells Hank that the higher ups want them to investigate this case. Detective Sergeant Chief of the Intelligence Unit Hank Voight Lindsay was troubled but with his guidance she grew up to be one of his fellow officers. Another thing is to note is that while some may not agree with his methods they nevertheless respect him when he is able to accomplish the task. Despite his harsh methods to his unit, he nevertheless wants them all of them to have their own paths as he encourages Lindsay to go through with joining a task force or accepting a job in the FBI for her to better her own future and leave his shadow. Inspired by his father to be a cop, Hank takes great pride in his job and works hard to protect his city. The pair have known each other for over 20 years being on a first name basis, with Hank being one of the few officers not fazed by her attitude. After Justin's death, Hank was devastated when Olive decides to move herself and son away from Chicago, despite his pleas. Voight has a strained relationship with his son, Justin. Completely imitating Hank’s personality, this leather jacket has a robust and sturdy exterior, while the interior is equally warm and comfortable. Jimmy lays into Voight, livid about the mistake, until Halstead interrupts his rage with news of another robbery/murder, this one at a location Jimmy's unit visited before the botched score. Chicago Police Department ou Chicago Police au Québec, en Belgique francophone et en Suisse [1], (Chicago P.D.) The unit investigate Sarah's recent boyfriend and find he has a building with cameras and soon discover caged women in the basement. It is the second-largest local law enforcement agency in the United States behind the New York City Police Department. However, Hank tells Joe that he will help his son out because of everything. With help from Hank and the others, all of the men are arrested. later released Voight from prison and promoted him to Sergeant of the Intelligence Unit at CPD. Seasons He nearly brushes her off but then stops and tells her to contact him when she needs help. She has nearly risked her own career to defend him, as she knew that he is the only person who can truly protect the city. He was devastated Richard was killed in the line of duty and worked until he became a well-respected cop too. The quicker you understand that the better," she had told him. However they were able to find out Jeffrey was connected to the crimes and bring him in once he runs away. Portrayed by Henry "Hank" Voight (Or simply Sergant Voight or Voight) is the main protagonist in Chicago P.D and a deuteragonist in Chicago Fire.He is the son of Richard Voight and the father of Justin Voight. The sergeant and others stormed in and arrest the men. He was first introduced as a supporting character in Chicago Fire before moving on to become the main character in Chicago P.D. Hank takes one of the women who confirms that his daughter is alive. However, he spares him and settled for beating the man up for his actions and arresting him. In return Hank cares deeply for his unit, always looking out for them no matter what. All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours. originale 27 septembre 2017 – 9 mai 2018 Nb. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. O sargento Hank Voight ofereceu a vaga de Antonio Dawson, enquanto o mesmo trabalhava na Procuradoria do Ministério Público Estadual. He has also been suspected of being a dirty cop and is constantly being investigated by the CPD's Internal Affairs Division. Completed. At another point, Hank, Alvin, and Jimmy Shi took Browning on a boat, where they proceeded to shoot him before dumping him in the lake. In Disco Bob, Hank nearly goes into conflict with Adam's father Bob during a case where a mother and her children are shot. 1 Early Life 2 Profile 3 Background 4 Season 1 5 Season 2 6 Season 3 7 Season 4 8 Season 5 9 Trivia Voight will do whatever it takes to solve a case or catch a suspect with no regard for department policies or regulations. The case was related to a drug dealer named Thomas Cobb whom Voight killed to protect Casey. This was in exchange for a future favor, which Dawson reluctantly accepted. A la tête de l'unité des renseignements du district 21 de Chicago, le sergent Hank Voight ne craint pas de franchir les limites de la légalité et de l'éthique. Unfortunately, Hallie was murdered after accidentally discovering a drug operation at the hospital she worked at. In Actual Physical Violence, a desperate father arrives at the precinct searching for his daughter Sarah and holds Mouse hostage until she is found. Hank is very surprised to learn that he will be a grandfather. 1 talking about this. Because of his shots the crowds become a frenzy, Lucas flees with the officers pursuing him. Chicago Police Department : la saison 6 avancée sur TF1, Hank Voight refoulé par Los Angeles Bad Girls dès le 10 décembre Publié le mardi 3 décembre 2019 à 20:11 par Benoit Mandin Henry "Hank" Voight is a fictional character in the television series Chicago P.D..He appeared in a recurring capacity in Chicago Fire and as a main character in Chicago P.D., as the Squad Commander of the Chicago Police Department's Intelligence Unit, which operates out of the 21st District. When Al mentions he needed money to pay his lawyer Hank tells him that he put all his money in a trust fund for his grandson Daniel. He had childhood friends who often supported his goal and knew he would make it. Voight's methods have caused friction with Lieutenant Matthew Casey (Jesse Spencer), a firefighter with the Chicago Fire Department, alongside Gabriela Dawson, the sister of Detective Antonio Dawson. Il a sous ses ordres plusieurs lieutenants. Justin was involved in a motor vehicle accident that paralyzed a young boy from the waist down; the cause of the accident was driving while intoxicated. When Daniel is born, Hank is shown to have an active role in his life, often treating the boy with affection. Richard Voight † (father) Justin Voight † (son) Daniel Voight (grandson) Olive Voight (daughter-in-law) Stillborn daughter Erin Lindsay (Foster Daughter) After Justin's death, she thanks Hank for everything and decides to move herself and son away from Chicago, despite his pleas. They go back to then men's apartment. The coach agrees and Hank leaves him on the ground frightened. Hank Voight All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours. Despite Alvin's widow requesting he not attend the funeral, Hank attended the funeral of his closest friend in secret. Il est chargé de la répression du grand banditisme. Hank Voight is a Police Sergeant with the Chicago Police Department and is currently in command of the Intelligence Section. At the end, he has dinner with Olive before they hear Daniel and Hank takes the time to bond with his grandson. Character, Are You Based On Your Zodiac? First Appearance Olive reveals later on that she ran her mouth to a friend and the men threatened to kill the baby if she told anyone unless she helped them attack & rob Voight. Nicole Ari Parker's character is a new addition to the police department and is here to bring in police reform. Sometime later, Hank takes the scared Lukasz to the silos and thought of killing him. Voight has Sumner stay to handle the bomb while he and company jump into action, now on a race to detain Powell before the bomb detonates. A história se passa no distrito 21 da Chicago Police Department (em português: ... Liderando a Unidade de Inteligência está o Sargento Hank Voight (Jason Beghe), um homem que possui seu próprio senso de justiça e está sempre disposto a contornar a lei, seja para proteger as pessoas próximas, seja para fazer o que acha ser o certo ou para seu próprio benefício. Henry "Hank" Voight(Or simply Sergant Voight or Voight) is the main protagonist inChicago P.Dand a deuteragonist inChicago Fire. After checking that Maurice came alone, Voight warns him he better have a good reason for calling him. A Dead Kid, a Notebook and a Lot of Maybes, https://chicago-pd.fandom.com/wiki/Hank_Voight?oldid=17557. Chicago Police Department. It is also known that Voight and his friend Alvin Olinsky murdered a man named Browning after he killed Olinsky's partner. 1 Personality 2 Biography 3 Chicago P.D. Hank later meets the dating coach, where he puts gun in a choke hold and threatens the man to never hold another seminar again otherwise he will be coming for him. It is common knowledge throughout the department that Voight is a suspected dirty cop. In Reform, Hank is dismayed to find out that his former partner Denny has returned and is now a rank over him. Status The show centers around a Chicago police department under Detective Sergeant Hank Voight, played by Jason Beghe, who had been a character on Chicago Fire. Related: Which Chicago P.D. He has been shown have a soft spot for troubled children, helping them and getting off the streets and making sure they have a chance at a better life. Working alongside Dawson and Detective Erin Lindsay, Voight uses firefighter Joe Cruz's brother, Leon, who had former ties to the gang, as part of a sting. Voight has so far mainly used five different vehicles and has wrecked only one. S8 Voight had tried various methods to stop Casey from filing the report against Justin. This leads to him being attacked as he goes to his basement to his safe to give Olive money. Prior to the series premiere of Chicago P.D., his P229R had a two-tone finish, before he switched to an all-black variant. At the end, he tells Erin that he can't see Justin because he had business. Casey had arrived on the scene of a serious car crash where the driver, Voight's son Justin, had been drinking. Alive Summary 3.1 Season 1 3.2 Season 2 3.3 Season 3 3.4 Season 4 3.5 Season 5 3.6 Season 6 4 Chicago … During Chicken, Dynamite, Chainsaw, he is approached by a girl who reveals she is pregnant with Justin's child. When a case leads to truths they never expected to find, how will the unit cope? In 8:30 PM, Hank asks Graff for permission to interrogate his suspect. He was first introduced as a supporting character in Chicago Fire before moving on to become the main character in Chicago P.D. This may be due to the fact that his job in CPD was demanding and occupied most of his time. In New Normal, Hank is later told by Trudy the Alvin's widow does not want him to attend the funeral, to his complete shock. Voight has been subject to numerous Internal Affairs Divisioninvestigations, but no action has been taken. Jan 8, 2020 - Explore Lydia Lloyd's board "Hank Voight" on Pinterest. Casey arrived on the scene of a serious motor vehicle accident, where the driver (Voight's son Justin) had been drinking. They spread her across the waterfront. Police Officer It is common knowledge in the department that Voight is a suspected dirty cop. Stepping Stone 9.2K 175 5. ... Chicago P.D, by NBC, follows the lives of the officers and detectives of the Chicago Police Department's District 21. Goaded by the insane criminal, Voight holds him over the edge of the roof and relents only when Sumner relays that they dismantled the bomb. Erin speaks with her but Sarah refuses to live with the pain and the unit has Voight get her father. Outside, he subsequently tells Adam that this was a ploy and he promises to make sure the trafficker pays by putting him in the open populace. Sergeant Hank Voight, Chicago, Illinois. chicago p d, police, police department, chicago police department, one chicago, nbc, detective, police officer, hank voight CHICAGO P.D. Justin is Hank's only son. The Chicago PD leather jacket has been inspired by the enigmatic character of the chief of the Chicago P.D.’s intelligence unit, Hank Voight from the hit American crime and drama televisions series, Chicago P.D. According to him, when he was a young cop that he knew Barbara Fletcher always dealing with domestic calls from her. He was also familiar with Erin's brother Teddy Courtney but couldn't care for him after he was lost. In Endings, Hank scolds Jay for going after the person who arranged the fire that killed his father. This marked the tension between the two. d'épisodes 22 Chronologie Saison 4 Saison 6 modifier Cet article présente le guide des épisodes de la cinquième saison de la série télévisée américaine Chicago PD . Despite pleading to Hank, Kevin accepts that he’s going to die but insults Justin one last time before Hank kills him. He scares the man into going back to Atlantic City while telling him that if he ever comes back to Chicago then he will find him and make him pay. The operation ended with the successful capture of the intended gang lord, but also the deaths of two gang members. As the team mulls this over, Powell issues an official statement on a fringe website: he not only declares war on the fire and police departments, but warns them it's just begun. During Home, Hank saves a little girl from an armed sex offender who is holding her hostage by shooting the man. https://chicagofire.fandom.com/wiki/Hank_Voight?oldid=17466. Voight comes to Jimmy's aid and helps him out of the totaled vehicle. Follows District 21 of the Chicago Police Department, which is made up of two distinctly different groups: the uniformed cops and the Intelligence Unit. Internal Affairs (I.A.) Hank Voight is a detective sergeant in the Chicago Police Department's Intelligence Unit. Voight is a tough guy who likes to get work done no matter how many people he hurts or how many rules he breaks. Chicago Police Department Later in the series, he investigates a gang drive-by shooting which claimed the life of a young girl. Henry "Hank" Voight is the chief of the Chicago Police Department's Intelligence Unit in the procedural drama Chicago P.D. High quality Hank Voight gifts and merchandise. He was going to go out to dinner with his son, daughter-in-law and grandson but a car bomb goes off. He was also partnered with Denny Woods 30 years ago but the two had a falling out but both maintained a mutual begrudgingly respect toward the other. Later, Voight is suspended and convicted of murder by First Deputy Katherine Brennan, who is convinced that the former killed said man in cold blood, but later finds camera footage that shows him reaching for a hidden gun, proving his innocence. Voight had a strained relationship with his son, Justin  who would usually acts out to get the attention of his father, usually by driving under the influence, taking drugs and fighting. Hank managed to take the heat away from his son; he subsequently forced Justin to enlist in the United States Army, where he would learn discipline and the proper way of life. This was seen when Voight saved Casey from a gunman. At the man's house, Will tends to him while Hank and Jay fight off the shooters before Hank kills them. Later in the series, he investigates a gang drive-by shooting which claimed the life of a young girl. Richard Voight (father) † Unnamed Mother (presumably deceased) Justin Voight (son) † Unnamed Daughter † (stillborn) Erin Lindsay (foster daughter) Daniel Voight (grandson) is an American police procedural drama television series created by Dick Wolf and Matt Olmstead as a part of Wolf's Chicago franchise.The series premiered on NBC as a mid-season replacement on January 8, 2014. More recently, Justin was involved as an accessory to the murder of a rival gang member. However, Jay overpowers him and force him to go along with the deal in exchange for saving his son.